Futures Are Highly Standardized Financial Contract Or A Derivative Instrument, Which Obligates The Two Parties To Transact A Set Of Financial Instruments, At A Predetermined Future Date And Price.

To reduce the counterparty risks and default risks, all futures positions are marked-to-market daily, participants must maintain a certain margin level.


The Benefits of Futures Trading

In the forex market, investors are trading a pair of currency and anticipating a profit from the changing values of currency over time.

Speculation and Hedging

Primarily, investors do not enter into a futures contract to possess or sell the physical goods. Rather, it is a popular investment instrument to speculate on the changing values of securities, or investor may use it as a hedging instrument to reduce potential losses.

Trading Futures with The Capital Forex

Clients can trade futures products with commodities (energy, agricultural good, and metal), indices, and bonds.

Trade over 1000 Instruments. Anywhere, anytime.

Forex, CFDs on Stock Indices, Commodities, Stocks, Metals and Energies.

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